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Active Body Osteopathy provide treatments for generalised aches and pains (including arthritic and rheumatic joint pains), low back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, inability to relax, headaches arising from the neck, sporting injuries, frozen shoulder (musculoskeletal in origin), circulatory and digestive problems.


Results and benefits of osteopathic treatment include improving blood flow to tissues, which in turn speeds up the healing process. Other benefits are the reduction of muscle spasm, improving joint mobility and freeing 'trapped' nerves. Overall the aim of osteopathic intervention is to relieve pain and improve function. The body is a good self healer if given the optimum environment, which osteopathy aims to provide.


Osteopathy is now being recommended by the NICE Guidelines on Low Back Pain. If you have pain or persistent discomfort, osteopathy can help you. We treat babies, children, adults, pregnant women and seniors.


G.P's referral is not needed.


Ongoing Treatment Fees

  • Osteopathy Initial Assessment and Treatment £45.00
  • Osteopathy (30 mins) £40
  • Acupuncture (30 mins) £40
  • Sports Massage
    • (30 mins) £40
    • (45 mins) £45
    • (1 hour) £50
  • Sports Therapy (1 hour) £55.00


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Bethan Jones Osteopathic Therapist

Osteopathy Clinic Therapist

Bethan Jones
M.Ost (Hons), Osteopath, B.Sc (Hons)

Providing a highly extensive range of osteopathic services Bethan graduated from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy with extensive and diverse clinical experience.

Bethan began her career 16 years ago after graduating with a degree in sports therapy. Initially working in private practice and with sports teams, primarily elite rugby and hockey, Bethan spent 15 years as Director of Medical at OA Rugby Club in St Albans. Being a sportswoman herself and having played rugby up to Premiership level, she has developed a thorough understanding of the physical and mental demands of high level sport. This experience is invaluable in designing rehabilitation programs that are specific to the needs of the individual and the sport, whether for leisure or elite competition.


To compliment her Sports Therapy degree, Bethan graduated from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy with a Masters in Osteopathy, including extensive and diverse clinical experience. Bethan offers multifaceted treatments that can include massage, joint manipulation, articulation, acupuncture, rehabilitation exercises, fascial release and more, making each treatment patient-specific.


"The aim of treatment is to create an environment in which the body can heal itself by increasing fluid dynamics, breaking adhesions and improving function. This requires an holistic approach and the combination of Osteopathy and Sports Therapy enables me to treat the joints, muscles and function in the most effective and well-rounded  way."


Contact Bethan: 07779013870

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