Sports Therapy and Massage Treatments

What we treat

Acute muscular strains and ligament sprains. Chronic over-use and repetitive strain injuries related to sports or lifestyle. Postural imbalances, stressed, tight and tired muscles. Advice on sports-specific or post-surgery rehabilitation.


Deviations from a "normal" posture can create imbalances which cause areas of excessive wear and tear. Sports massage, joint manipulation, stretching, joint articulation and exercise can address these issues.

Massage increases fluid dynamics within the muscles which improves the health of the tissues. A healthier muscle is more pliable and adaptable, therefore increasing its capacity to absorb force and stresses. Addressing all of these issues can improve performance, general well-being and can also reduce the potential risk of injury.

Massage is recommended by the NICE guidelines on the treatment of low back pain.

Ongoing Sports Massage Treatment Fees:

  • Initial consultation and treatment 45 mins: £68
  • Osteopathy follow up 30 mins: £52
  • Osteopathy follow up 45 mins: £68
  • Osteopathy follow up 1 hour: £83
  • Video consultation 30 mins: £45

G.P's referral is not needed.


Bethan Jones
M.Ost (Hons), Osteopath, B.Sc (Hons)

Bethan started working as a Sports Therapist in 2002 and followed her degree with a Masters in Osteopathy, graduating from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy with extensive and diverse clinical experience. Bethan has an holistic approach to treatment, addressing the cause and symptoms to help her patients work towards their goals.

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